Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday 8/22

Monday, August 22nd

-Please remind your parents to fill out the Verification Form sent out through an Infinite Campus message.

Bell Ringer: 
1. Find your new assigned seat.
2. a) Those that are NOT finished with the survey: Finish the survey!
    b) Those that are finished with the survey: I have partnered you
   with someone to help you review and edit your work on the
   (I am looking for correct spelling, punctuation, and complete sentences!)

3. When you and your partner are finished fixing your work, choose one thing from the survey to write more about (a paragraph or two) using your notebook or loose leaf paper from the small shelf in front of my desk.

4. Free read or free write (NOT free draw)

What we're doing today:

  1. Bell ringer: Finish and fix survey
  2. Community Time: Choose another thing from the survey to share.
  3. Mini-lesson: None
  4. Work time: Pretest
  5. Exit ticket: Pretest (FINISHED!)

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