Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday 8/18

Thursday, August 18th

Welcome to your second FULL day of school!

-Please turn in your parents' homework! 

Bell Ringer: 
1. Continue making your name tag AWESOME.
a. Make sure your name is LARGE,
b. make sure your name is colorful,
c. and make sure your name is on BOTH sides of the name tag.
d. Next to your name, on BOTH sides, draw a symbol that you
feel represents you.

2. Finish your note card.
a. Sentence 1: Something you have in common with everyone.
b. Sentence 2: Something you have in common with some, or
a few people.
c. Sentence 3: Something unique to YOU only.

3. Read a book (check out my library) or free write.

What we're doing today:

  1. Bell ringer: Name tag, note card, or free read/free write
  2. Community Time: Finish note card activity and/or one word to describe how you’re feeling
  3. Mini-lesson: None
  4. Work time: Pretest
  5. Exit ticket: Pretest (even though it won’t be finished)

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