Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wednesday 8/24

Wednesday, August 24th

Bell Ringer: 
1. Fold the heart paper in half, so the heart is split equally on each side.
  1. Glue the left side of the heart on the left page of your notebook.
  2. Glue the right side of the heart on the right page of your notebook.

2. Write down some topics that you could write about.
a) The outside (biggest) heart should have THINGS
        you could write about.
b)     The middle heart should have PLACES
        you can write about.
c)     The inside (smallest) heart should have PEOPLE
        you can write about.

3. Free read or free write (NOT free draw)

What we're doing today:

  1. Bell ringer: Glue the heart paper into your notebook and jot down writing topics.
  2. Community Time: Share one thing from your heart or your turning 11 quick write from yesterday
  3. Mini-lesson: Summarizing
  4. Work time: Reread the story "Eleven" with your shoulder partner. Complete the Summarizing activity in Google Classroom by YOURSELF. When you’re done, review and edit it with your shoulder partner.
  5. Exit ticket: One thing you’ve learned about your writing as a 6th grader.

***If you have not finished your STORY ELEMENTS assignment or your SUMMARIZING assignment in Google Classroom, you MUST finish those for homework!***

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