Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday 8/17

 Wednesday, August 17th

Welcome to your first FULL day of school!

-Please turn in your parents' homework! 

-We are having lunch today during 3rd period. You'll need to know your ID number if you are getting hot lunch. 

Bell Ringer: 

  1. Please grab a piece of construction paper from the shelf in front of my desk.
  2. Fold the paper in half, hot-dog style (long ways).
  3. Write your first name, by which you like to be called, on both sides.
  4. Next to your name, on both sides, draw a symbol that you feel represents you.

What we're doing today:

  1. Bell ringer
  2. Community Time: Share why you chose to draw that symbol on your name tag.
  3. Mini-lesson: Note card activity
  4. Work time: Fill out note card
  5. Exit ticket: Turn in note card (finished or not)

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