Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday 9/22

Thursday, September 22nd

Bell Ringer: 
1. Read a book

What we're doing today:
1. Bell Ringer
2. Community Time
3. Mini-lesson - Techniques for building suspense & excitement
4. Activity- Reading Workshop and/or Writing Workshop
What you can do during workshop time today:
-Work on your Final Project for Unit 1
-Continue writing on your own
-Confer with a partner to:
*exchange/share ideas of where to go
with your story
*revise and edit
-Confer with Ms. Britton
5. Choose at least ONE new technique to use with your story in order to build suspense or excitement.
6. Exit ticket: What is ONE technique you tried to use with your narrative today, and did it make your story better? Why or Why not?

No matter what you accomplish today, you are NOT DONE. Your writing, your story, can always be made better.

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