Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday 2/13

Monday, February 13th

Bell Ringer: 
1. Read today's assigned chapter(s)/pages.

What we're doing today:
1. Bell Ringer
2. Community Time
3. Mini-lesson - What should be in the "middle"? (Event sequence, a good pace, details, good word choice)
4. Activity: Continue writing, focusing on the words you are using to tell your story. Does this detail add to the story? Do I need transitions to show that the time or place has changed?
-Copy and paste your middle into the assignment in Google Classroom.

Homework: You should finish and turn in any classwork that was not finished in class. If you've been absent, you need to catch up! Everybody should read a choice book.

***The narrative is due THIS WEDNESDAY, February 15th!***

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