Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday 3/20

Monday, March 20th

Bell Ringer: 
1. Double-check your compare/contrast table in the Unit 5 Reading Assessment. Go back through the passages to make sure of what is only found in one passage, and what is found in both passages.
***Hint: Many of you did not do well on this section.

2. If you did not do this already, work on the R.A.C.E. response at the bottom of the Unit 5 Assessment (no longer optional!).

3. Read this document to learn about your Unit 5 Writing Assessment. Think about which disaster you would like to use. Begin reading (or rereading) the Scholastic article that covers the disaster you chose.

What we're doing today:
1. Bell Ringer
2. Community Time
3. Mini-lesson- Review Unit 5 Writing Assessment

4. Activity:
-Read (or reread) article

-Write a summary of the article, for the introduction of your constructed response, in Google Classroom.

-You may move on to the next steps for this assessment or free read/free write.

Homework: You should finish and turn in any classwork that was not finished in class. If you've been absent, you need to catch up! Everybody should read a choice book.

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