Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday 4/19

Wednesday, April 19th
Bell Ringer: 

1. Find the Letter to Your Future Self assignment in Google Classroom. Continue working on the second or third paragraph. Everyone should be finished with all three paragraphs by Friday.

What we're doing today:
1. Bell Ringer
2. Community Time
4. Activity:
Use this checklist to help you figure out your next steps today.

-Catch up on reading or notes if you are behind.

-Your pink section of the Research Note Catcher should be finished. You should begin working on the purple section!

-Your first CRAAP Test is due today!

-If you finish early, you may free read, free write, continue reading Ch. 8 of Hoot, continue working on your Research Note Catcher, your first CRAAP Test, or your Letter to Future Self.

Homework: You should finish and turn in any classwork that was not finished in class. If you've been absent, you need to catch up! Everybody should read a choice book.

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