Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday 5/4

Thursday, May 4th
Bell Ringer: 
1. Your notes for Ch. 12 should be turned in!
What we're doing today:
1. Bell Ringer
2. Community Time
3. Mini-lesson- None
4. Activity:
-Read Ch. 14 with your shoulder partner then complete the notes.

***We are watching scenes for Ch. 10-13 tomorrow. If you are not caught up, you will not be watching the scenes with the class, you will have to watch them at home for homework.

-If you finish early:

*You may free read
*You may free write
*You may complete one of the language activities on Ms.
Britton's table
*You may continue reading Ch. 13 of Hoot.

Homework: You should finish and turn in any classwork that was not finished in class. If you've been absent, you need to catch up! Everybody should read a choice book.

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