Tuesday, August 29, 2017

T-t-t-t-Tuesday! (8/29/17)

Tuesday, August 29th

1) Bell-Ringer:
  1. Find your "All Summer in a Day" Worksheet in the bin on the counter.
  2. Look up the definitions for each of the vocabulary words. Were you right about what the word means?
2) Mini-Lesson: Story Elements
Image result for story elements
3) Brain Break
4) Whole-Class Activity: Identify story elements of "All Summer in a Day"
*Time for finishing MAPS or free reading/free writing
5) Wrap-Up: How do you think you'll try to remember the Story Elements?

Exit ticket: Answer the question in Google Classroom

-Even if you weren't here today, you should try to do the Whole-Class Activity
-Read 20 minutes!

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