Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday (8/30/17)

Wednesday, August 30th

1) Bell-Ringer:
  1. The "Story Elements" Assignment and "What are the five elements?" Question should be completed in Google Classroom.
  2. Complete the Figurative Language assignment in Google Classroom
2) Mini-Lesson: Review Simile & Metaphor
Image result for simile vs. metaphor
3) Brain Break
4) Whole-Class Activity:
In your notebook, rewrite "All Summer in a Day" from the perspective of a character in the story. Include at least one simile and one metaphor.
*Time for finishing MAPS or free reading
5) Wrap-Up: Share part of your story

Exit Ticket: Type your example of a simile and your example of a metaphor into the Question posted in Google Classroom.

-Even if you weren't here today, you should try to do the Whole-Class Activity
-Read 20 minutes!

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