Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday (9/29/17)

Friday, September 29th

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1) Bell-Ringer: Type or write the corrections for the story below. Use the A.R.M.S. and C.U.P.S. methods (image below) to help you edit and revise it.
It was a beutiful sunny day in april right before Spring Break. The whether was nice. The teacher was calling out names to take attendince in english composition 1 a sixth grade coarse at woodville junior high school. two students was absent. the teacher ask the class wont ginny and jill be hear this afternoon another girl in class, whose always very truthful, answered, jill said that her and ginny was 'going home to lay in the sun.' Trying to correct the girls grammar without embarrassing her the teacher went over and whispered, "lie." The girl was astonished. Okay she replied her and ginny whent to visit ginnys aunt in hong kong today and wont be back until after class.
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2) Mini-Lesson: Reading your writing out loud WILL help you catch mistakes...if you do actually read it out loud :)
3) Brain Break
4) Whole-Class Activity:
-Finish the ending of your narrative and polish it as best as you can!
-Your draft should be 11-12 point / Arial or Times New Roman font, black, single spaced, and at least one page.
-Turn it in to Google Classroom!

5) Wrap-Up: Read your favorite part of your story to your group.

-We are starting Unit 2!
-New seats are coming!
-Your homework time next week could be spent on fixing assignments/assessments for a better grade

-Your narrative is due TODAY! If it's still not finished, please work on it over the weekend. I need you to turn in a finished draft by Monday morning!
-Read if you have time :)

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