Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday (9/26/17)

Tuesday, September 26th

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1) Bell-Ringer:

  1. Read through these options for narrative leads. Choose which one(s) you like best.
  2. Answer in your head: Have you already used one of these for your narrative? Is there one you would like to try?
  3. RoundRobin share your answers with your table group
2) Mini-Lesson: How are you introducing the conflict? Let's look at these examples
3) Brain Break
4) Whole-Class Activity:
-Continue working on the beginning of your narrative and get started on the middle!
5) Wrap-Up: Read to your group what you have so far. What have you done well? What do you need help with, or what do you need to change?

-I need your "Scout's Honor" plot map by the end of the school day TOMORROW (9/27).
-You can take tomorrow afternoon/evening to finish and turn in your constructed response and your figurative language table for "Scout's Honor".
-You should be done with the beginning of your story and working on your middle. If you are not, you may want to spend some time on it!
-Read 20min, if you have time

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