Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tuesday (9/5/17)

Tuesday, September 5th

1) Bell-Ringer:
  1. Finish your Google Classroom quiz from Friday and turn it in (if you didn't finish on Friday)
  2. Quick Write- Choose one of the prompts below to write about in your notebook:
*Is there ever a decision you've made that was unpopular, or against what your friends thought you should do? What was the decision and how did it turn out? (What happened?)
*What's something you've wanted so badly you would do anything to get it? Why is it so important to you that you would do anything to get it?
*Think of a time when you helped someone through a hard time or when someone did something special for you. Write about that experience. 
2) Mini-Lesson: Summary - What is it and how do I write it?
Image result for summary somebody wanted but so
3) Brain Break
4) Whole-Class Activity: Read "President Cleveland, Where Are You?" then complete a summary in Google Classroom

5) Wrap-Up: What's another summary you could come up with for a favorite book or movie?

-Finish summary if it wasn't completed in class
-Read 20 min.

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