Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday (9/20/17)

Wednesday, September 20th

1) Bell-Ringer: In your notebook or on a Google Doc,
  1. felt like you had to be/act a certain way (for others)...
  2. ...OR a time when you felt pressured to be/act a certain way or do something (for others)...
  3. ...OR a time when you had to decide between quitting or keeping on going (with anything)
2) Mini-Lesson: Choosing a topic for Unit 1 Writing Assessment: Narrative Writing (real and/or imagined story).
-Look over your writing territories and free writes.
-Is there anything you've already started that you would like to continue? Are you going to use a new idea?
3) Brain Break
4) Whole-Class Activity:
-Decide on a final narrative topic and get it approved by Ms. Britton.
-Good to go? Start planning your story on a plot map!
5) Wrap-Up: Share your topic with your table group. If you have it thought out already, share a summary of your future narrative.

-Any late assignments in Google Classroom?
-Read 20 minutes

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