Friday, October 6, 2017

Friday (10/6/17)

Friday, October 6th

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1) Bell-Ringer:
  a) Please read through ALL of today's blog post.
b) You will be going to the library after announcements. You
may stop at your locker on your way to the library, not on the
way back. Everyone should be looking for a book because
you need to leave the library with a biography,
autobiography, memoir, or historical fiction book.

2) Mini-Lesson: None

3) Brain Break

4) Whole-Class Activity:
a) Complete the quiz in Google Classroom. Use any resource
you need, but please do not talk to other students.
b) Finish and turn in your Pre Assessment in Google
Classroom. We started this on Monday. It is due today!
c) Finish and turn in all other Google Classroom work for
this class.
-Free read or free write

5) Wrap-Up: What're you doing this weekend?

-Read if you have time!

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