Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday (11/27/17)

Monday, November 27th
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1. Bell-Ringer:
  a) Turn in Socratic Seminar Preparation in Google Classroom.
b) With your should partner(s), complete the Debate/Scavenger Hunt assignment in Google Classroom. We'll go over the answers tomorrow.
2. Mini-Lesson: None
3. Whole-Class Activity:
  a) Gather with your group.
b) ONE person make a copy of the document in Google Classroom and share it with your group AND Ms. Britton.
c) Work together to fill out the document. Try to use something from each person in your group.

FINISHED? Free read.
4. Wrap-Up: Be ready for Socratic Seminar TOMORROW!
5. Homework:
-Read 20 min.
-Bring men's (new) socks for the homeless! Winning House gets ice cream at WinterFest!

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