Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday (11/2/17)

Thursday, November 2nd
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1. Bell-Ringer:
  a) With your shoulder partner, complete Analyzing Key Ideas Practice 4 in Google Classroom
2. Mini-Lesson:
a) Avoiding Plagiarism
3. Whole-Class Activity:
   a) Continue putting your essay together
b) If you have a rough draft of your essay done, READ IT OUT LOUD TO YOURSELF. Then, please let someone else look at it and use the checklist below:
- Introduction paragraph has all three parts from the organizer (opening sentence, background info/summary, and an appropriate thesis statement)
- Body paragraphs have R.A.C.E. two or three times (depending on number of challenges)
- Body paragraphs have transitions that introduce text evidence, quotation marks around the evidence, and an author (and page number if available)
- Conclusion has all three parts from the organizer (Summarize main points, restate thesis, and lasting impression)
4. Wrap-Up: Questions?
5. Homework:
-Your essay is due TOMORROW!!!
-Read 20min

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