Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tuesday (11/7/17)

Tuesday, November 7th
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1. Bell-Ringer:
  a) On your own, complete the Argumentative Vocabulary assignment in Google Classroom
b) Free read / Free write
2. Mini-Lesson:
a) Review Argumentative Vocabulary
3. Whole-Class Activity:
   a) Evaluating an Argument Part 3
4. Wrap-Up: What makes an argument a good argument? (Hint: Use vocabulary words.)
5. Homework:
-Read 20min
-Hungry Families, Canned Food Rocky Top Middle School has, once again, teamed up with the Thornton Police Department for our annual canned food drive. Your donations will go to families in need of food throughout the holiday season. To promote student involvement in this food drive, we're having a school-wide competition. The first core class that collects the most items will win a doughnut party, compliments of our NJHS group.  
Please bring your non-perishable items to the front office before school. Thank you for your generosity, as well as your support of Rocky Top Middle School, the Thornton Police Department, and our community at-large.

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