Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday (1/19/17)

Friday, January 19th
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1. Bell-Ringer:
  a) Review library procedure:
-You may stop at your locker on the way there, not on the way back, to get books that need to be returned or renewed.
-Walk quietly and respectfully on the way there and on the way back.
-When you are in the library, you are either QUIETLY looking for a book or reading a book.

b) Carefully read the questions below.

-If you are planning to check out a new book, do you have any idea which book(s) you are looking for?

-If you are not planning on checking out a book, which book are you going to be reading while we're in the library?
2. Mini-Lesson: None
3. Whole-Class Activity:
a) Read/listen to today's assigned pages/chapter(s). Is there anything new you'd like to add to your Identifying Key Attributes of the Main Character assignment?
b) With your Lit. Circle group, discuss the Identifying Key Attributes of the Main Character assignment. Add ideas from others to your work.
c) Complete the form in Google Classroom.
d) Put your R.A.C.E. response in Google Classroom. Use your work from yesterday and today to help you. Be sure to submit both the assignment and your answer to the question.
e) MAPS - See board for login info
4. Wrap-Up: If you are behind on MAPS or the reading, contact Ms. Britton.
5. Homework:
-Read if/when you can!

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