Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday (2/28/18)

Wednesday, February 28th
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1. Bell-Ringer:
 a) Open the Unit 4 Writing Assessment: FINAL Narrative assignment in Google Classroom. Read through the directions.
*This assignment is due this Friday, March 2nd, by the end of the day. If for any reason you cannot meet this deadline, you need to see Ms. Britton as soon as possible.
2. Mini-Lesson: None
3. Whole-Class Activity:
   a) Complete the Question in Google Classroom
b) Unit 5 Pre-Assessment
4. Wrap-Up: What do you think of the novel so far?
5. Homework:
-Finish your narrative, due FRIDAY
-Read today's assigned chapters of Maniac Magee
-Catch up on late/missing work

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